Business Law

We pride ourselves in offering practical, realistic “cradle to grave” services for businesses and their owners, including:

Business Organization & Structure

We are well versed in the options available when structuring a business entity, whether it be a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or some variant, and in developing the proper paperwork trail to protect your business. What is, or is not, in your formation documents often is the basis for later trouble, disagreement and even litigation. Just as good fences make good neighbors, your formation documents, if well drafted, can reduce the potential for numerous later problems.


Having sat on the board of several non-profits and represented others, particularly in restructuring their organizations to comply with IRS laws, we are familiar with this area of law and offer reduced rates for charitable organizations.

Corporate Compliance

We can help you maintain corporate compliance to protect and assure your business is compliant with State and Federal laws and maintains its corporate integrity.

Contract Negotiation

The firm has experience in contract formation and negotiation including technology oriented deals such as software development, maintenance and licensing.

Real Estate

In addition to straight-forward negotiation and drafting of real estate sales and purchases, we have experience in re-zoning and sub-division.


When something goes wrong with a business relationship, our firm can help. Our 25 years of litigation experience has included sophisticated and complex litigation including cases on real estate, adverse possession, fraudulent conveyance, dissolution of real estate limited liability companies due to fraud, receivership appointments, corporate dissolution and shareholders derivative suits (to name a few).

Creditor Rights

Ms. Kennedy’s bankruptcy experience began as a creditor’s attorney and included representation of banks and savings and loans during the 1980’s. She has continued to represent creditors in seeking relief from stay in bankruptcy, or defending against preference and/or lien avoidance suits.


Winding down a business has its own potential pitfalls. This is a changing area of the law as shareholders and creditors are increasingly willing to second guess the decisions of management. We can guide you through this process to minimize officer liability.

Corporate Bankruptcy

If insolvency or cash flow make the operation of the business difficult or impossible, it is time to discuss the options of business bankruptcy. Our firm has successfully reorganized numerous companies through Chapter 11, and has found negotiated resolutions for dozens more. Our experience also includes several successful Chapter 12 farm reorganizations.